Saturday, April 17, 2010

One, Two, Three, Turn, Comma, Comma, Kick!

Well, if anyone could dance an exclamation point, it would be Gene Kelly! Watching him dance is definitely poetry in motion; don't you wish we knew which movie prompted Sandburg to write this poem?

2010 Poetry Parade: Day 17

Lines Written for Gene Kelly To Dance To

Carl Sandburg

Spring is when the grass turns green and glad.
Spring is when the new grass comes up and says, "Hey, hey!
Hey, hey!"
Be dizzy now and turn your head upside down and see how
the world looks upside down.
Be dizzy now and turn a cartwheel, and see the good earth
through a cartwheel.

Tell your feet the alphabet.
Tell your feet the multiplication table.
Tell your feet where to go, and, and watch ‘em go and come back.

Can you dance a question mark?
Can you dance an exclamation point?
Can you dance a couple of commas?
And bring it to a finish with a period?

Can you dance like the wind is pushing you?
Can you dance like you are pushing the wind?
Can you dance with slow wooden heels
and then change to bright and singing silver heels?
Such nice feet, such good feet.

This poem is in the public domain.
For full details, go here.

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