Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's National Poetry Month!

I know April 1st means April Fool's Day to many...or two weeks till taxes are due...or perhaps the advent of spring cleaning. But for me, April 1st means the beginning of National Poetry Month. I've celebrated for the past eight years by sending out a poem a day to anyone who wanted one. But last year's "Poetry Parade" gave birth to a daily poetry venture--a website called A new poem is posted on the website each day, and subscribers enjoy a bit of private commentary which never appears on the site. I've been delighted and astounded at the support the site has found. Now, in this ninth year of my Springtime Parade of Poems, I've decided to post the selections here on my blog as well to allow for some discussion. I always get a ton of comments on the parade selections (ranging from "That's the dumbest poem I ever read!" to "I want this on my tombstone!") and some have suggested it would be fun if everyone got to see those comments and respond with their own, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm not an early riser, so don't expect to find anything to comment on before 9 AM!

Here's the kick-off for the parade this year--a very funny, very clever piece from Wisconsin poet Bruce Dethlefsen:

Mineral Expectations
Bruce Dethlefsen

limestone awfully lonesome
since my father’s gone
and miss our little talcs
and conversations

how I marbled
at the strength of this good man
a grocer who would sandstone much all day
that he developed varicosities
in both his legs and never once complained

even though I took his love for granite
I can still recoal his exact words and sediments

it slate for him he’d say too late
but you shale mica difference in this world
he’d point at me and shake his finger

of quartz he understood and wished for me
not just the same old schist
but a future that pyrites
would be mined
and mined alone

(Something Near the Dance Floor, Marsh River Editions, 2003)
Used with the author's permission.

To see the full posting, go here. Comments, anyone?


Sherry Beasley said...

"Mineral Expectations" is so clever and downright funny. I found myself laughing out loud more than once as I read it. Good job!

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer said...

My favorite line is "you shale mica difference in this world..." Can't you see some miner standing over a baby crib pronouncing this to his son? Too funny!

William said...

I thought this was a very gneiss poem.
Bill Everett

Sherry said...