Monday, June 8, 2009

She Thinks I'm Fabulous!

Some time back, I received a note from Fabulous Poet Brenda Kay Ledford that she was awarding me a "Fabulous Blog Award." I was highly honored, but it's taken me till now to get the announcement on here. (Let's just say I'm much more gifted with words than I am with technology.) Now, in keeping with the rules of the award, I shall first confess my Five Fabulous Addictions--poetry, the Blue Ridge Mountains, old movies, good books, and the fabulous board game, Carcassonne--and then announce my nominees for the Fabulous Blog Award. Check them out!

1. Steven Givler Online - Steven is a poet, artist (his watercolor shown here), and Air Force major (how's that for a triple threat?!). His blogs are a blend of travelogue, art gallery, and inspiration. Steven's love for his family and his country give his comments a special poignancy; his wit and penchant for odd adventures add a little kick.

2. Getting Boys to Read - A website that functions as a blog, Getting Boys to Read is a wonderful resource chockful of tips and titles targeted specifically at reluctant readers--all too often who happen to be boys. The bloggers include writers, teachers, librarians, and parents who have first hand, hands on experience with this problem. Great suggestions and a noble cause!

3. The US Report - Written by veteran journalist Kay Day, this reactive commentary is razor sharp. Even if you disagree with her politics, you have to admire her writing, which is crisp as a just-plucked field pea. Bonus: great photographs (the baby bird is her handiwork) and the occasional amusing anecdote about Florida critters.

4. A Good Blog is Hard to Find - I'm not sure where else you could find such a broad cross-section of author commentary. Some forty Southern writers share insights, inspiration, and occasional intrigue in this site started a few years back by novelist Karin Gillespie. Definitely worth a bookmark!

5. Pub Rants - Literary agent Kristin Nelson provides an insider's assessment of what's happening in the publishing world. Helpful hints, occasional critiques, valuable opinion, hard statistics, and a little humor...all without attitude.

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Welcome to Women's Blogger Directory. Congrats & wonderful posts! I'm amazed how u find time to write books & juggling a family :)

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