Friday, February 13, 2009

Go, Joanie! Go, Joanie!

In my newsletter last month (if you're not subscribed, click here; I'd love to have you!), I challenged my readers to "STREAMLINE in 2009!" The world's most angelic author, Joan Wester Anderson, wins the prize for being first to report her STREAMLINE success, and her response was so entertaining, I just have to share it with you:

"Jayne, congratulations on your goal to streamline! I have already started. I took a look at my “storage room” and wondered---if I died, who would ever come in here and try to sort this out? Would that be fair? Me romping through the hills of heaven, carefree and joyful, while someone here tries to find my password for myspace…

So I started with the most important thing: finding all my book contracts and making a folder for each one. Next came p.r. stuff written about me. Oh, it hurts the ego to toss all that, but is anyone really going to ask for a clip about a book that is out of print?

I modestly proclaim that after a week-and-a-half of FULLTIME work, I have only the top of my desk left to organize. Jayne, I feel as if I personally have lost at least 20 pounds, which translates into a ton or so of tossed papers! I have completely eliminated one, huge, two-drawer file cabinet, and I think I know where most important things are now (or at least what section of the room they may be hiding in.) "

She signed off with a wish that "I hope this is the year you discover what color your office rug is."

Me, too, Joan; me, too! Congratulations on your "weight loss" and thanks for inspiring the rest of us to get ON with our streamlining tasks!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I did a massive streamlining when we became foster parents and converted one room to a bedroom for the kids. We tossed out SO much and it was very therapeutic!

Probably could do it again though...

L. Diane Wolfe

Susan said...

Oh I so needed that today!! Thanks for the encouragement.



Nancy Simpson said...

Jayne, Papers, papers everywhere. I have been talking the good talk, but now I am inspired to start tossing. I will do it, and I shall be ruthless. Thanks.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

How I needed this advise today. I sure need to get my closets cleaned out, organize my things.

workshop said...

Reminds me of spring cleaning, and seeking/finishing unfinished business.

There's a Jewish custom that takes place in Spring... cleaning every corner of the house for the last speck of chametz which is literally any leavened grain product that puffs up or rises.

Going around the house (or by analogy sorting thru life) and getting rid of the excesses and the puffed-up-ness, paring down the non-essential and the stuff that kind of accumulates while we aren't watching... this is a really good thing.