Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diva Update

A few months back, I reviewed a performance by 3 Mo' Divas, an amazing musical tribute show produced by Marion J. Caffey. By pure coincidence, Mr. Caffey happened across my blog and wrote to thank me for my comments and to share my lament that this show is not getting the attention it deserves. So I bring the divas--Laurice Lanier, Nova Payton, and Jamet Pittman--to your attention again: their first CD has just been produced and will be released in March. For those of you who missed my earlier blog (and, of course, you can scroll down and read it still), check out their YouTube footage or visit their website to hear these women sing and see if the show is coming to your area. If it is, buy a ticket! I promise you, you will never hear a more powerful concert.

The CD, by the way, is called "Smashing Musical Barriers" and if you'd like more information, send an e-mail to info@3modivas.com and tell 'em the Comma Goddess sent you! (I'm not on the payroll, by the way; I just think the Divas are that good!)

Have you had the pleasure of seeing 3 Mo' Divas perform? Share your thoughts!


Susan said...

Hey Jane! I was so glad to get your email update because I forgot to bookmark you in my Google Reader or on my blogroll...you're good now.

I have heard of these ladies before and must admit that I'd love to hear more. I haven't seen the musical or heard the music. But it does appeal to me.



Anonymous said...

Of course, I've seen and heard of the Divas....actually twice that they were on stage @ Peace Center. Definitly worth the price of a ticket!