Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thus Spake Comma Goddess

I frankly don't think the world needs the burden of yet another opinion. But there's a poetry project afoot and, while the world has waaaaaaay too many opinions, it doesn't have nearly enough poetry. Thus here I am, hanging out my shingle and looking forward to doing business as a poetrymonger. (Not that there won't be equal space given to the subjects of motherhood, manners, the joy of words in general, and other essential elements of civilization. Read: do not come here looking for political commentary or Hollywood gossip. Okay, fine, my son lives and works in L.A. so there might be the occasional Hollywood reference...but if you know John, you know we ain't talking mainstream!)

But I digress.

I'm probably the last among my circle of word people to launch a blog because a) see above thoughts on the planet's need for another opinion, b) if I have time to write, it seems more sensible to spend it on a work in progress (that would be the kind that earns income), and c) what with laundry and life and such, I don't have time to write unless something else goes undone.

And yet, here I am. And here you am, too--and that's quite lovely. Thanks for dropping by, and hope you'll come again.